Biological soil crusts
Biological soil crusts
Editor(s): Laura Concostrina-Zubiri, Maria Prieto, Adrián Escudero, and Isabel Martínez
The aim of this special issue is to highlight the critical importance of biological soil crusts to ecosystem structure and functioning, with contributions from a wide range of approaches and disciplines, including taxonomy, molecular biology, community ecology, and functional ecology.

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24 Nov 2022
The BIODESERT survey: assessing the impacts of grazing on the structure and functioning of global drylands
Fernando T. Maestre, David J. Eldridge, Nicolas Gross, Yoann Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Hugo Saiz, Beatriz Gozalo, Victoria Ochoa, and Juan J. Gaitán
Web Ecol., 22, 75–96,,, 2022
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08 Apr 2022
Spatial heterogeneity of Cladonia rangiformis and Erica spp. induces variable effects on soil microbial communities which are most robust in bare-soil microhabitats
Theofilos Dostos, Pantelitsa D. Kapagianni, Nikolaos Monokrousos, George P. Stamou, and Efimia M. Papatheodorou
Web Ecol., 22, 21–31,,, 2022
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13 Apr 2021
Drought-tolerant cyanobacteria and mosses as biotechnological tools to attain land degradation neutrality
Alessandra Adessi, Roberto De Philippis, and Federico Rossi
Web Ecol., 21, 65–78,,, 2021
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23 Sep 2020
Identifying social–ecological gaps to promote biocrust conservation actions
María D. López-Rodríguez, Sonia Chamizo, Yolanda Cantón, and Emilio Rodriguez-Caballero
Web Ecol., 20, 117–132,,, 2020
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06 Jun 2019
Unassisted establishment of biological soil crusts on dryland road slopes
Laura Concostrina-Zubiri, Juan M. Arenas, Isabel Martínez, and Adrián Escudero
Web Ecol., 19, 39–51,,, 2019
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09 Apr 2019
Water-mediated changes in plant–plant and biological soil crust–plant interactions in a temperate forest ecosystem
Clara Pissolito, Irene A. Garibotti, Santiago A. Varela, Verónica Arana, Marina Gonzalez-Polo, Paula Marchelli, and Octavio Bruzzone
Web Ecol., 19, 27–38,,, 2019
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31 Dec 2006
Linking the spatial patterns of organisms and abiotic factors to ecosystem function and management: insights from semi-arid environments
F. T. Maestre
Web Ecol., 6, 75–87,,, 2006
CC BY 4.0