AGORA: Ideas and Concepts
AGORA: Ideas and Concepts
AGORA is a lighter channel of communication between readers and contributors; it aims to stimulate discussion and debate, particularly by presenting new ideas and by suggesting alternative interpretations to the more formal research papers published in "Web Ecology" and elsewhere. A lighter prose is encouraged and no summary is required. Formal research papers, however short, will not be considered.

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05 May 2020
Toward a new generation of effective problem solvers and project-oriented applied ecologists
Corrado Battisti, Giovanni Amori, and Luca Luiselli
Web Ecol., 20, 11–17,,, 2020
Short summary
14 Mar 2018
Non-native invasive species as paradoxical ecosystem services in urban conservation education
Corrado Battisti, Giuliano Fanelli, Sandro Bertolino, Luca Luiselli, Giovanni Amori, and Spartaco Gippoliti
Web Ecol., 18, 37–40,,, 2018
Short summary
24 Aug 2017
Could disruptive technologies also reform academia?
Casparus J. Crous
Web Ecol., 17, 47–50,,, 2017
Short summary
09 Nov 2015
Contributions to biodiversity theory: the importance of formal rigor
L. Contoli and L. Luiselli
Web Ecol., 15, 33–37,,, 2015
Short summary
01 Oct 2015
Workshop summary: "Floods, state, dams and dykes in modern times: Ecological and socio-economic transformations of the rural world"
M. Bostenaru Dan and D. Gheorghe
Web Ecol., 15, 29–31,,, 2015
Short summary
14 Jan 2015
Demography gone wild in native species: four reasons to avoid the term "native invaders"
M. Méndez, A. Escudero, J. M. Iriondo, and R. M. Viejo
Web Ecol., 14, 85–87,,, 2014
Short summary
13 Jan 2015
Reply to Mikoláš's comment on "Opinion Paper: Forest management and biodiversity" by Schulze et al. (2014)
E. D. Schulze, L. Bouriaud, H. Bussler, M. Gossner, H. Walentowski, D. Hessenmöller, O. Bouriaud, and K. v. Gadow
Web Ecol., 14, 75–77,,, 2014
19 Dec 2014
Comment on "Opinion paper: Forest management and biodiversity": the role of protected areas is greater than the sum of its number of species
M. Mikoláš, M. Svoboda, V. Pouska, R. C. Morrissey, D. C. Donato, W. S. Keeton, T. A. Nagel, V. D. Popescu, J. Müller, C. Bässler, J. Knorn, L. Rozylowicz, C. M. Enescu, V. Trotsiuk, P. Janda, H. Mrhalová, Z. Michalová, F. Krumm, and D. Kraus
Web Ecol., 14, 61–64,,, 2014
Short summary
24 Jun 2014
Meta-analyses and the "editorial love of controversy"
R. H. Heleno
Web Ecol., 14, 23–25,,, 2014
07 Mar 2014
Opinion Paper: Forest management and biodiversity
E. D. Schulze, L. Bouriaud, H. Bussler, M. Gossner, H. Walentowski, D. Hessenmöller, O. Bouriaud, and K. v. Gadow
Web Ecol., 14, 3–10,,, 2014
28 Oct 2013
The "four-color issue" in ecology for considering ecosystem boundaries
H. Doi
Web Ecol., 13, 91–93,,, 2013
10 Mar 2010
Judging the quality of our research: a self-assessment test
L. W. Aarssen, C. J. Lortie, and A. E. Budden
Web Ecol., 10, 23–26,,, 2010
17 Jun 2009
David and Goliath: comparative use of facilitation and competition studies in the plant ecology literature
C. J. Lortie and R. M. Callaway
Web Ecol., 9, 54–57,,, 2009
27 May 2009
The “beer vs. science” affair: illuminating drawbacks of current ecology
T. Grim
Web Ecol., 9, 24–29,,, 2009
10 Jul 2008
Hope for Bohemian ecologists – comments on “A possible role of social activity to explain differences in publication output among ecologists?” by Tomáš Grim, Oikos 2008
D. Sheil, S. Wunder, P. Jansen, F. Bongers, and R. Dudley
Web Ecol., 8, 103–105,,, 2008
10 Jul 2008
A break to moderate drinkers
J. Moya-Laraño
Web Ecol., 8, 106–107,,, 2008
15 Feb 2001
"Towards establishing ecology as a science instead of an art": the work of John T. Curtis on the plant community continuum
M. Nicolson
Web Ecol., 2, 1–6,,, 2001
28 Nov 2000
On Verdansky's biosphere
J. P. Cancela da Fonseca
Web Ecol., 1, 86–96,,, 2000
13 Jun 2000
Ecology, a science in the midst of society
R. Barbault
Web Ecol., 1, 48–53,,, 2000
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