Plant–plant interactions: from competition to facilitation
Plant–plant interactions: from competition to facilitation
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01 Aug 2014
Plant–plant spatial association networks in gypsophilous communities: the influence of aridity and grazing and the role of gypsophytes in its structure
H. Saiz, C. L. Alados, and Y. Pueyo
Web Ecol., 14, 39–49,,, 2014
01 Oct 2012
Biomass explains the intensity of facilitative – not competitive – interactions: three intraspecific tests with annuals
C. Ariza and K. Tielbörger
Web Ecol., 12, 49–55,,, 2012
20 Sep 2010
A systematic review of the recent ecological literature on cushion plants: champions of plant facilitation
A. M. Reid, L. J. Lamarque, and C. J. Lortie
Web Ecol., 10, 44–49,,, 2010
17 Jun 2009
David and Goliath: comparative use of facilitation and competition studies in the plant ecology literature
C. J. Lortie and R. M. Callaway
Web Ecol., 9, 54–57,,, 2009
04 Jun 2009
Mediterranean-climate oak savannas: the interplay between abiotic environment and species interactions
T. Marañón, F. I. Pugnaire, and R. M. Callaway
Web Ecol., 9, 30–43,,, 2009
31 Dec 2007
Clipping herbaceous vegetation improves early performance of planted seedlings of the Mediterranean shrub Quercus coccifera
J. M. Rey Benayas, A. Fernández, and A. Aubenau
Web Ecol., 7, 120–131,,, 2007
14 Nov 2007
Effects of a nurse shrub on seed deposition and seedling recruitment of the annual Agriophyllum squarrosum
F.-R. Li, G. Li, L.-F. Kang, Z.-G. Huang, Q. Wang, and J.-L. Liu
Web Ecol., 7, 94–105,,, 2007
06 Jun 2001
Seedling diversity and spatially related regenaration dynamics in holly woodlands and surrounding habitats
S. Arrieta and F. Suárez
Web Ecol., 2, 38–46,,, 2001
24 Mar 2015
Plant–plant interactions: from competition to facilitation
D. Montesinos
Web Ecol., 15, 1–2,,, 2015
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