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26 Apr 2018
Standard article |  | 26 Apr 2018

Are post-dispersed seeds of Eucalyptus globulus predated in the introduced range? Evidence from an experiment in Portugal

Ernesto Deus, Joaquim S. Silva, Hélia Marchante, Elizabete Marchante, and Catarina Félix

Data sets

databaseDOI10.5194we-18-1-2018 E. Deus, J. S. Silva, H. Marchante, E. Marchante, and C. Félix

Short summary
This study, conducted in central Portugal, shows that Eucalyptus globulus seeds are highly attractive to local fauna, including ants and rodents. Surprisingly, E. globulus seeds were as attractive as the exotic Acacia dealbata seeds and more attractive than the native Cistus salviifolius seeds. However, locations with negligible seed predation were abundant across the study area, which may help to explain the heterogeneous recruitment patterns of E. globulus seedlings found in previous studies.