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30 May 2012
Standard article |  | 30 May 2012

A perspective on the importance of within-tree variation in mortality risk for a leaf-mining insect

C. Low and D. Hanley

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Plant-Animal Interaction
Are post-dispersed seeds of Eucalyptus globulus predated in the introduced range? Evidence from an experiment in Portugal
Ernesto Deus, Joaquim S. Silva, Hélia Marchante, Elizabete Marchante, and Catarina Félix
Web Ecol., 18, 67–79,,, 2018
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Why so many flowers? A preliminary assessment of mixed pollination strategy enhancing sexual reproduction of the invasive Acacia longifolia in Portugal
Manuela Giovanetti, Margarida Ramos, and Cristina Máguas
Web Ecol., 18, 47–54,,, 2018
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Cumulative effects of transgenerational induction on plant palatability to generalist and specialist herbivores
Isabelle P. Neylan, Rodolfo Dirzo, and Mar Sobral
Web Ecol., 18, 41–46,,, 2018
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Effects of native biodiversity on grape loss of four castes: testing the biotic resistance hypothesis
Mauro Nereu, Ruben H. Heleno, Francisco Lopez-Núñez, Mário Agostinho, and Jaime A. Ramos
Web Ecol., 18, 15–27,,, 2018
Reproductive ecology of buzz-pollinated Ouratea spectabilis trees (Ochnaceae) in Brazilian Cerrados
D. Montesinos and P. Oliveira
Web Ecol., 14, 79–84,,, 2014
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