Articles | Volume 16, issue 1
Special issue:
Short communication
04 Feb 2016
Short communication |  | 04 Feb 2016

Using fish assemblage to identify success criteria for seagrass habitat restoration

L. Scapin, M. Zucchetta, C. Facca, A. Sfriso, and P. Franzoi

Abstract. A fish-based multimetric index was applied to assess the ecological status of fish fauna in both natural and newly restored seagrass meadows in the Venice lagoon (northern Adriatic Sea, Italy), using natural habitats as reference sites. Fish assemblages were then compared, and community attributes of recreated and natural habitats were evaluated. Ecological status resulted higher in natural meadows, and a multivariate analysis showed that an increase in the relative proportion of seagrass specialists at restored sites could represent an indicator of success of seagrass restoration.