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22 Apr 2016
Short communication |  | 22 Apr 2016

Effects of warming on a Mediterranean phytoplankton community

Silvia Pulina, Andreas Brutemark, Sanna Suikkanen, Bachisio M. Padedda, Lorena M. Grubisic, Cecilia T. Satta, Tiziana Caddeo, Pasqualina Farina, Nicola Sechi, and Antonella Lugliè

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Short summary
In this work the effects of warming on phytoplankton communities was investigated. An indoor experiment was performed in which water from a Mediterranean lagoon was incubated at different temperatures. A shift towards smaller taxa resulted in a higher total biomass but lower chlorophyll a concentrations at the highest temperature. This study contributes to the knowledge on the responses of phytoplankton to warming, which is still scarce in Mediterranean marine and brackish environments.
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