Articles | Volume 23, issue 2
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14 Jul 2023
Standard article |  | 14 Jul 2023

Invasive shallow-water foraminifera impacts local biodiversity mostly at densities above 20 %: the case of Corfu Island

Anna E. Weinmann, Olga Koukousioura, Maria V. Triantaphyllou, and Martin R. Langer

Data sets

Datasets to Weinmann et al.: Spatial distribution and diversity of benthic shallow-water foraminifera from Corfu Island (Greece, Ionian Sea): An island at the range front of an invasive species Anna Weinmann, Olga Koukousioura, Maria Triantaphyllou, and Martin Langer

Short summary
This study analyzes the diversity of benthic foraminifera at the range expansion front of the invasive species Amphistegina lobifera in Corfu (central Mediterranean). The species has been suggested to impact local diversity and community structures, and our results confirm these effects as soon as A. lobifera exceeds a specific abundance threshold (> 20 %). Nevertheless, we found that the study area reveals an overall high biodiversity that can be attributed to its unique location.