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12 May 2020
Standard article |  | 12 May 2020

Pollen morphological variability correlates with a large-scale gradient of aridity

Hindel Fatmi, Souhaïl Mâalem, Bouchra Harsa, Ahmed Dekak, and Haroun Chenchouni

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Web Ecol., 20, 143–152,,, 2020
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This study determines the diversity of pollen morphotypes of Atriplex halimus (Amaranthaceae) along a large-scale climatic gradient. Occurrences of 10 pollen grain shapes were quantified at seven climates across a humid-to-hyperarid gradient. We discuss how the evolutionary effects of climate gradients on pollen morphology and variability in dryland induce a high level of specialization to maximize trade-offs between adaptation to severe ecological conditions and pollination efficiency.