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05 May 2020
Toward a new generation of effective problem solvers and project-oriented applied ecologists
Corrado Battisti, Giovanni Amori, and Luca Luiselli
Web Ecol., 20, 11–17,,, 2020 | 1,028 views
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12 May 2020
Pollen morphological variability correlates with a large-scale gradient of aridity
Hindel Fatmi, Souhaïl Mâalem, Bouchra Harsa, Ahmed Dekak, and Haroun Chenchouni
Web Ecol., 20, 19–32,,, 2020 | 991 views
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19 Aug 2020
Ödenwinkel: an Alpine platform for observational and experimental research on the emergence of multidiversity and ecosystem complexity
Robert R. Junker, Maximilian Hanusch, Xie He, Victoria Ruiz-Hernández, Jan-Christoph Otto, Sabine Kraushaar, Kristina Bauch, Florian Griessenberger, Lisa-Maria Ohler, and Wolfgang Trutschnig
Web Ecol., 20, 95–106,,, 2020 | 971 views
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09 Jul 2020
Invasiveness, ecological impacts and control of acacias in southwestern Europe – a review
Cristina Vieites-Blanco and Serafín J. González-Prieto
Web Ecol., 20, 33–51,,, 2020 | 738 views
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07 Aug 2020
When nature meets the divine: effect of prohibition regimes on the structure and tree species composition of sacred forests in northern Greece
Valentino Marini Govigli, John R. Healey, Jennifer L. G. Wong, Kalliopi Stara, Rigas Tsiakiris, and John M. Halley
Web Ecol., 20, 53–86,,, 2020 | 709 views
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12 Jan 2021
Ecological correlates of crop yield growth and interannual yield variation at a global scale
Gabriela Gleiser, Nicolay Leme da Cunha, Agustín Sáez, and Marcelo Adrián Aizen
Web Ecol., 21, 15–43,,, 2021 | 669 views
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25 Nov 2020
Cohort effect on discriminant rate: the case of greater flamingo (Phœnicopterus roseus) chicks sexed with morphological characters
Abdennour Boucheker, Riad Nedjah, Roger Prodon, Mark Gillingham, François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont, Arnaud Béchet, and Boudjéma Samraoui
Web Ecol., 20, 153–159,,, 2020 | 562 views
23 Sep 2020
Identifying social–ecological gaps to promote biocrust conservation actions
María D. López-Rodríguez, Sonia Chamizo, Yolanda Cantón, and Emilio Rodriguez-Caballero
Web Ecol., 20, 117–132,,, 2020 | 407 views
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08 Sep 2020
Effects of projected climate change on the distribution of Mantis religiosa suggest expansion followed by contraction
Johanna Steger, Alexandra Schneider, Roland Brandl, and Stefan Hotes
Web Ecol., 20, 107–115,,, 2020 | 407 views
10 Aug 2020
Morphometric traits of shells determine external attack and internal utilization marks in the Roman snail in eastern Germany
Claudia Tluste, Udo Bröring, Tomáš Němec, and Klaus Birkhofer
Web Ecol., 20, 87–94,,, 2020 | 401 views
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04 Dec 2020
Life in the suburbs: artificial heat source selection for nocturnal thermoregulation in a diurnally active tropical lizard
NioKing Amadi, Robert Belema, Harrison Obodo Chukwu, Daniele Dendi, Amuzie Chidinma, Roger Meek, and Luca Luiselli
Web Ecol., 20, 161–172,,, 2020 | 317 views
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20 Oct 2020
Effects of management cessation on hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) across Austrian and Swiss mountain meadows
Ronnie Walcher, Raja Imran Hussain, Johannes Karrer, Andreas Bohner, David Brandl, Johann G. Zaller, Arne Arnberger, and Thomas Frank
Web Ecol., 20, 143–152,,, 2020 | 311 views
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06 Jan 2021
Frog vocalization is influenced by moon phases: Brazilian frogs tend to prefer low-albedo phases
Mauro S. C. S. Lima, Jonas Pederassi, Ulisses Caramaschi, Kléssia Denise S. S. Sousa, and Carlos Alberto S. Souza
Web Ecol., 21, 1–13,,, 2021 | 298 views
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02 Oct 2020
Feeding strategies differentiate four detritivorous curimatids in the Amazon
Thatyla Farago, Gabriel Borba, Sidineia Amadio, Joicyeny Oliveira, Geraldo Santos, Adalberto Val, and Efrem Ferreira
Web Ecol., 20, 133–141,,, 2020 | 291 views
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30 Mar 2021
Changes in the Cerrado vegetation structure: insights from more than three decades of ecological succession
Rogério Victor S. Gonçalves, João Custódio F. Cardoso, Paulo Eugênio Oliveira, and Denis Coelho Oliveira
Web Ecol., 21, 55–64,,, 2021 | 266 views
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15 Feb 2021
Close-to-nature management positively improves the spatial structure of Masson pine forest stands
Xianfeng Fang, Wei Tan, Xiaoye Gao, and Zongzheng Chai
Web Ecol., 21, 45–54,,, 2021 | 202 views
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