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12 Jun 2013
Standard article |  | 12 Jun 2013

Effects of within-patch heterogeneity on connectivity in pond-breeding amphibians studied by means of an individual-based model

M.-B. Pontoppidan and G. Nachman

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Landscape Ecology
Artificial perches increase bird-mediated seed rain in agricultural fallow area in southern Brazil
Thales Castilhos de Freitas, Gustavo Crizel Gomes, Artur Ramos Molina, Ernestino de Souza Gomes Guarino, Cristiano Agra Iserhard, and Rafael Beltrame
Web Ecol., 22, 59–74,,, 2022
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Perlin noise as a hierarchical neutral landscape model
Thomas R. Etherington
Web Ecol., 22, 1–6,,, 2022
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Impact of land-use change in mountain semi-dry meadows on plants, litter decomposition and earthworms
Ines Jernej, Andreas Bohner, Ronnie Walcher, Raja Imran Hussain, Arne Arnberger, Johann G. Zaller, and Thomas Frank
Web Ecol., 19, 53–63,,, 2019
Keep your enemies closer: enhancing biological control through individual movement rules to retain natural enemies inside the field
Thomas Delattre, Blanche Collard, and Claire Lavigne
Web Ecol., 19, 15–26,,, 2019
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Vulnerability, resilience, hazard, risk, damage, and loss: a socio-ecological framework for natural disaster analysis
Marco Modica and Roberto Zoboli
Web Ecol., 16, 59–62,,, 2016
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