Articles | Volume 22, issue 1
Web Ecol., 22, 7–19, 2022
Web Ecol., 22, 7–19, 2022

Standard article 04 Mar 2022

Standard article | 04 Mar 2022

An approach to the modeling of honey bee colonies

Jhoana P. Romero-Leiton et al.

Data sets

Honey production National Agricultural Statistics Service

Model code and software

jpatirom3/Honey-bees-modeling- J. P. Romero-Leiton

Short summary
In this work, we attempted to contrast three different modeling approaches to understand the population dynamics of immature bees, adult bees and the honey produced in the hive. From these three modeling approaches, we conclude that honey production is reduced due to the decrease in the total number of bees within the colony and due to an external stress factor, which could be climate variability, pesticides, parasites such as the Varroa mite, or habitat loss, among others.