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18 Jan 2016
Short communication | Highlight paper |  | 18 Jan 2016

The first shoots of a modern morphometrics approach to the origins of agriculture

V. Bonhomme, E. Forster, M. Wallace, E. Stillman, M. Charles, and G. Jones

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Revisiting the debate: documenting biodiversity in the age of digital and artificially generated images
Diego Sousa Campos, Rafael Ferreira de Oliveira, Lucas de Oliveira Vieira, Pedro Henrique Negreiros de Bragança, Jorge Luiz Silva Nunes, Erick Cristofore Guimarães, and Felipe Polivanov Ottoni
Web Ecol., 23, 135–144,,, 2023
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Pollination supply models from a local to global scale
Angel Giménez-García, Alfonso Allen-Perkins, Ignasi Bartomeus, Stefano Balbi, Jessica L. Knapp, Violeta Hevia, Ben Alex Woodcock, Guy Smagghe, Marcos Miñarro, Maxime Eeraerts, Jonathan F. Colville, Juliana Hipólito, Pablo Cavigliasso, Guiomar Nates-Parra, José M. Herrera, Sarah Cusser, Benno I. Simmons, Volkmar Wolters, Shalene Jha, Breno M. Freitas, Finbarr G. Horgan, Derek R. Artz, C. Sheena Sidhu, Mark Otieno, Virginie Boreux, David J. Biddinger, Alexandra-Maria Klein, Neelendra K. Joshi, Rebecca I. A. Stewart, Matthias Albrecht, Charlie C. Nicholson, Alison D. O'Reilly, David William Crowder, Katherine L. W. Burns, Diego Nicolás Nabaes Jodar, Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi, Louis Sutter, Yoko L. Dupont, Bo Dalsgaard, Jeferson Gabriel da Encarnação Coutinho, Amparo Lázaro, Georg K. S. Andersson, Nigel E. Raine, Smitha Krishnan, Matteo Dainese, Wopke van der Werf, Henrik G. Smith, and Ainhoa Magrach
Web Ecol., 23, 99–129,,, 2023
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Invasive shallow-water foraminifera impacts local biodiversity mostly at densities above 20 %: the case of Corfu Island
Anna E. Weinmann, Olga Koukousioura, Maria V. Triantaphyllou, and Martin R. Langer
Web Ecol., 23, 71–86,,, 2023
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Effects of management cessation on hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) across Austrian and Swiss mountain meadows
Ronnie Walcher, Raja Imran Hussain, Johannes Karrer, Andreas Bohner, David Brandl, Johann G. Zaller, Arne Arnberger, and Thomas Frank
Web Ecol., 20, 143–152,,, 2020
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Ödenwinkel: an Alpine platform for observational and experimental research on the emergence of multidiversity and ecosystem complexity
Robert R. Junker, Maximilian Hanusch, Xie He, Victoria Ruiz-Hernández, Jan-Christoph Otto, Sabine Kraushaar, Kristina Bauch, Florian Griessenberger, Lisa-Maria Ohler, and Wolfgang Trutschnig
Web Ecol., 20, 95–106,,, 2020
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The transition from a mobile hunter-gatherer lifestyle to one of settled agriculture is arguably the most fundamental change in the development of human society (Lev-Yadun et al., 2000). The establishment of agricultural economies, emerging initially in the Fertile Crescent of the Near East (Nesbitt, 2002), required the domestication of crops; ancient plant remains recovered from early farming sites provide direct evidence for this process of domestication.
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